Motion Picture Editing - Post-Production

It’s in the editing room where the film finds its inner-rhythm.

Matteo is one of the very best! We’ve worked together on a variety of productions. Over the past 30 years I’ve worked with a number of film editors and what I appreciate best about working with Matteo is his willingness to listen and to explore. His technical skills and abilities are top notch. I’m never disappointed.
— Julie Dash, Director of Daughters of the Dust, The Rosa Parks Story, Queen Sugar, on Netflix

Sample Reel

In the album below are 10 short videos I’ve edited from different films to give you a cross selection of different styles.



Collaborating with Matteo was a joy! His musicality and storytelling as an editor (even in “non-narrative” form) really made the dance pieces he cut for Kinetix shine. As always, Matteo’s focus and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. He went above and beyond with abundant enthusiasm, determination, and dedication to get the cuts just right, which is my favorite mode of creation!
— Benjamin, Producer/Director Kinetix Dance Tour
Matteo is an excellent collaborater and a highly skilled filmmaker. What sets him apart is not just his devotion to his craft, but his understanding of the complexity that is human nature and his ability to translate these emotions to the screen. I look forward to our next collaboration.
— Kristoffer Carillo, Cinematogrpaher
Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work with him on our award-winning feature documentary “In Search of Balance”. He has a distinct talent and style that reflects his singular vision as an artist. Bringing his professional background as a musician and composer to his editing, his cuts almost have a musical quality, with perfect rhythm, timing, nailing every beat and flowing with a lyrical quality that only he can achieve. He does this while enhancing the tone and mood changes in the movements of the story, expressing the psychology of the subjects, characters, and vision of the director. He’s exceptionally organized and kept the production on deadline and on track from pre-production through post. He is open-minded, a great collaborator, and an all-around pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him on future projects and give him my unqualified recommendation.
— Adam Pfleghaar, Director/Producer In Search of Balance

Blood Paradise Trailer (Horror/Comedy)