Ten Days with Art

A film by Matteo Marchisano-Adamo

Ten Days with Art is a TV-hour documentary offering a rare & intimate experience with renowned international artist Arthur Secunda as he struggles at 90 to paint due to Parkinson’s Disease & poor vision.

Ten Days with Art touched me profoundly. It moved me to tears, gave me tingles, and inspired me deeply, to remember why and what I live for. That was easily one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.
— Adam Pfleghaar (In Search of Balance, Still I Strive)

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Dear Mr. Sataki

An Introduction to Arthur Secunda

Letter written by Arthur Secunda

Read by Matteo Marchisano-Adamo

Ten Days with Art was simply gorgeous. I was so moved by Arthur, the imagery, and this snapshot of his life. I was particularly broken open with his observation on friendship and art. It feels like the point of this lovely meditation, and it landed.
— Erinn Anova, Actress/Singer (American Koko, Stolen Moments)
WOW! What a beautiful and MOVING film! Being invited into your home, studio and personal life...your friends, your family, your wives...what an intimate, warm and thoroughly enjoyable experience! Art, I was moved by your honesty about how frustrating it is to want to leap at the canvas with your own hand, your own brush...and paint your vision & emotions at the moment they come...instead of having to deal with that step in between, asking Joseph for the color and a brush or a roller. Palpable frustration. And your genuine love and caring for your family and your friends. And your authenticity through everything you do. What an honor to get to view this!
— Carla J Wellington

Private Screener of Ten Days with Art

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About Arthur Secunda

Arthur Secunda (Arturo Secunda), painter, sculptor, teacher, critic and printmaker, was born in New Jersey in 1927.

He attended New York University and the Art Students League in New York where he studied with Harry Sternberg, Reginald Marsh and Julian Levi.  Later, in Paris, he studied sculpture with Ossip Zadkine and painting with Andre L’hote.

Arthur Secunda was museum curator of education at the Santa Barbara Art Museum, university instructor and lecturer at UCLA, the Pasadena Art Museum, Otis Art Institute and the Palm Springs Desert Museum.  He also produced a weekly TV program entitled "Arts of All Times," and was the founding editor of Artforum magazine in Los Angeles in 1963.

Since 1950 he has exhibited widely all over the United States, Europe and Japan in over 150 galleries, museums and universities, as well as major art fairs in New York, Paris, Basel and Cologne.

His artwork hangs in the permanent collections institutions worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art in New York; the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.; the Chicago Art Institute; the Honolulu Academy of Fine Arts and the Detroit Art Institute in the U.S. In addition to the Tel Aviv Museum, his art has been acquired by European museums in Aries, Geneva, Stockholm, Choler, Ostend, Brussels, Zurich, and elsewhere.

Jean Maurice Rouquette said, "Secunda's collages make use of a very seductive, original and somewhat mysterious technique in which the actual tearing of paper coincides with a personal philosophy of color. 

Arthur lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Production Stills from Ten Days with Art