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About Me

I’m an award-winning filmmaker with 20+ years experience specializing in Film, TV, Digital Media, Photography, Technology, Fashion, the Performing & Fine Arts. My credits include award-winning documentaries & feature films, and can be seen on the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation), Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and international film festivals. Between film projects I shoot medium and large format film. I welcome you to contact me here for additional information or work inquiries.


Most Recent Work


Ten Days with Art

A film by Matteo Marchisano-Adamo

This film is amazing. I think it speaks for what art should speak for or about. Arthur is so strong and convincing in his humanity, that we will follow his journey displayed in Ten Days with Art, no matter what.
— Ralf Weinfurtner, Producer (Resident Evil, I am Gangster)
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Editing is like Solving Riddles

It’s the editor’s job to find solutions. I’ve been lead editor on feature films & documentaries as well as mutli-cam TV performances. On TV and at film festivals in the US, Canada and Europe, my films have been broadcast & screened internationally, earning awards in Europe & North America. Click here to learn more about my motion picture editing services.


Black & White Film Photography


I shoot & process black & white photography because it slows me down, makes me work & the photograph becomes more precious because of it. It keeps me grounded in this fast, digital world. Click here to view gallery.


Analog/Digital World


I enjoy mixing both worlds, the analog & the digital. Sometimes it’s a piano, a Moog synth or soft-synth. Here you can listen to a wide variety of different original compositions as well as some of my interpretations of a few classics from Bach, Mozart, Haydn and others. Click here to listen.


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